Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Pale Blue Dot

Death is an expected event.
It’s not meant to take you by surprise,
It’s not meant to wet dry eyes, for the
hearse awaits in everybody’s life.
And when a person dies the world spins on
around the sun,
a pale blue dot
in this heaven-reaching universe.
When a person ages and has paid
life’s wages, they know that soon they will
turn the page and reach the back-cover
of the book.
And they know if then they look below from above-
            Or above from below-
            Or outside from within-
they will see that the pale blue dot will
continue to spin around the sun,
And that Death does not stop the sun from rising.        
Death, nevertheless, still seems to come
out of the blue, losing those who once
were here every day and now have
gone away to some place other than
And even after sickness or old
age, even when we are sage enough
to expect the expected,
in the moment that we hear the news,
we are confused,
thinking it would happen tomorrow,
or yesterday,
but not right now.
And though the loss gives us pain that will
always remain, we shouldn’t complain.
Instead we should smile, for though we are
shocked by that which we knew all the while,
nature is not.
And our pale blue dot will continue
to spin around the sun
in this heaven-reaching universe.

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